Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cricket in Palestine

   Cricket in Palestine was limited to British army and officials, YMCA and some missionary schools. In 1939, the Jerusalem-YMCA - included Arab, Jewish, Armenian and British members - started its cricket tournaments which continued for several years.

   Palestine Post brought some news about cricket: The YMCA opened their cricket season in promising fashion last Saturday by beating a Force headquarters XI by 99 runs. Boyadjian was in great all-round form and in addition to making 97 runs, dismissed five of the Force players for 67. [1]

The Royal Air Force avenged their early in the season defeat by St. George's School, when on Saturday last they beat the School side by 40 runs.  Although they won fairly easily, the Airmen did not shape too well in the batting department, as apart from their opening pair, Wilson and Wildman, none of them were able to cope with the good bowling of Boyadjian, Khoury and Balian. Wilson (36) and Wildman (27) were the only batsmen to reach double figures.  St. George's, though facing the moderate total of 90, batted very poorly, being all at sea against Clay and Hayes. Of their total of 50, Boyadjian and Kawas Y. contributed 30, the rest of their batsmen forming more or less a procession.[2]

  The Palestine cricket tourists opened their tour of Egypt on Saturday when they met the Cairo Army XI on the Alamein ground, but were badly beaten, as in reply to the Cairo total of 240, the tourists could only muster 95 runs. Palestine had to thank Cannings, the former Surrey Colt, for stemming an even greater batting collapse when four wickets were down for 13 runs. He was, however, the unluckiest man of the match.[3]

[1]Palestine Post, 27 April 1939.
[2]Palestine Post, 4 June 1940.
[3]Palestine Post, 4 September 1944.




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